About Barely an Angel

The question is not what you look at, but what you see. ~ Henry Thoreau



In 2007, I was shooting with Leila, a model with the best tattoo of angel wings I’d ever seen. Inspired to photograph them well, I asked her to sit nude on the wood floor in the "Reverse Prayer" yoga pose with her back to the camera and ponytail to one side. I loved the result. The more I studied the composition the more I was drawn to it symbolically, deciding that the image of Leila and her wings could authentically represent my work.


My gratitude to Neeka Earle who converted the image to illustration for the logo. She did a fabulous job. From there, I credit my good friend Beth for finding the absolute perfect title to marry the image with my vision: "Barely An Angel."


For me, "Barely an Angel" represents the beauty and sensuality of a nude woman alongside her capacity for enduring energy, love, support, empathy and creativity.


About the Photographer

There are always two people in every picture, the photographer and the viewer.  ~ Ansel Adams



I grew up in a working class family in New England. Both of my parents were amateur photographers, so as kids my siblings and I had cameras too. Posing and taking photos was natural for us. My brother became a dedicated photographer right out of high school and has been a talented, acclaimed news photographer for the past 40 years.


I became engaged with photography in the ‘80s, and it was 2001 when I decided to create abstract digital art from nude photographs. I discovered two important things: first, I was not a digital artist, and second, I enjoyed the creativity of photographing people along with the technical skills critical to being successful with studio lighting and digital photography.


“Since then, I have spent thousands of hours shooting tens of thousands of images of hundreds of subjects. Every shoot is different and I still love it.”


Recent Shoots





Olivia came to the studio after my girlfriend showed her some of my work. She is easy to work with, and learning fast. My favorite shots with Olivia are with the hat; and I am so glad she brought it. However, she rocked lingerie and a couple of outfits, too. Olivia’s womanly curves made glamour easy.



Rayne has been modeling for a few years, and it shows in her work. I liked the profile that I shot here, but my favorites have big smiles. That’s Rayne’s personality. As a Naturist, she is very comfortable with nudes, and I’ve shot many with her. My favorites from this shoot were the contrasty B/W nudes you’ll find in that folio.



Alexa is easygoing and upbeat; ready for anything. Alexa has one of those faces that the camera loves. I had a lot of fun shooting with her, and we continue to create together. My favorites from this shoot were on the sofa. Her tight head-shots are lovely. I also shot some very nice art nudes that you can see in my Nudes folio. The B/W shots were a quick set at the end, but we both really liked them.


If you have a look that I want to add to my portfolio, I will compensate you for your modeling time with cash, wardrobe, images, or a combination of these, depending on what works for both of us. I will decide which looks we work on. You will need to provide ID and sign my standard release.



If you like my work and want me help you build your portfolio, you will compensate me in cash. This may include studio fees in addition to a flat rate for shooting and editing. My rates are very reasonable. You decide which looks we work on. You will need to provide ID, and I will sign your release.

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